Two bombers carried out a bus on Golda Meir. There were no casualties and the terrorists fled. Later found by police forces and disabled. Adam npgaabocr (iv) informed passengers on Egged bus Jerusalem, Golda Meir and two suspects with guns. Citizens who observe the commotion stopped his car, ran toward the bus and fired at two suspects who managed to flee the scene. No injuries were detected on the bus were not injured.

Following the reported escape, large police forces started combing and place barriers on the roads of the area. During the scans, and operational activities the police spotted the vehicle description provided, moving toward the street paratroopers.

The police transferred immediately reported to other teams were deployed. A police officer observed the vehicle description, narrow scope and identified the terrorists as they are directed towards type weapons Carl Gustav. He fired at the suspects and added that connect has committed another shooting terrorists are neutralized. At the scene detected a civilian was hit by a bullet and now being tested is injured by officers at the terrorists.

“Operational deployment in the field, combined with skill and professionalism of the officers and fighters for Jihad, they neutralize the terrorists and prevented a bigger attack,” said Jerusalem District Commander, major general Yoram halevy. “Striving for a touch of cops in various scenes, determination and dedication to mission-saving lives. We continue with the deployment in the city for the residents ‘ safety. “

Translated from Hebrew