After lengthy negotiations during which the suspect on several weapons, he surrendered himself. The suspect, a resident of Nahariya, passed to hkirhashodd helmet (first) came to
Post on Ben Ami and tried to commit a robbery at gunpoint. At the same time were two workers branch
Who managed to flee while the suspect remains alone in the branch. Border negotiations unit (f)
Literacy place observed that the suspect carrying several guns.

During the negotiations the suspect agreed to give up the gun.
It held up and testing a gun. The other two guns remain suspect.
When one of them is a real pistol with a round in the Chamber. SWAT forces (special police unit) literacy
In the assessment carried out in the field, along with the County in which it was decided to continue the dialogue
With the suspect in order to finish the event without casualties.

After long negotiations the suspect surrendered himself to me.
The police, leaving behind their weapons. The suspect, 50-year-old resident of Nahariya, taken
Station for questioning.

Coastal District Commander major General Amos Jacob, praised all
Troops operating on the ground and the ktsoaiotam that prevented injury to innocent persons.

Translated from Hebrew