The Iranians actually wrote on one of the missiles: "Israel must be removed from the earth." These are missiles that are designed to carry – and deliver – nuclear warheads. I call on the Security Council to take action.

Amb Danon calls for punitive measures against Iran


Copyright: UN Photo/Mark Garten

In his remarks to the media, Ambassador Danny Danon called on the UN Security Council to take punitive measures against Iran for violating Security Council Resolution 2231 after it conducted a ballistic missiles test.

"Eight months ago, the UN Security Council voted for resolution 2231 endorsing the JCOPA – an agreement with one of the world’s most dangerous regimes. UN Security Council Resolution 2231 clearly states that Iran is, and I quote: "not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using such ballistic missile technology."

If the Security Council does not act after last week’s missiles tests, it will give Iran a green light to continue with nuclear missile tests.

Iran’s true intentions can no longer be hidden. A senior Iranian Republican Guard official declared only last week that and I quote: "strike the Zionist enemy from afar." And the Iranians actually wrote on one of the missiles – you can see it here: "Israel must be removed from the earth."

Let me remind you, these are missiles that are designed to carry – and deliver – nuclear warheads.

Ladies and gentleman,

Over 2,000 years ago our prophet Daniel warned of the writing on the wall. Today, I’m warning you about the writing on a missile. History is full of pivotal moments when decisions taken can carry extra weight. Today is one of those moments.

If a missile was launched and it was written on it "England, France or Japan, must be removed from the earth," would the International Community sit silently? I call on each and every leader to contemplate how they would act if it was their citizens that were threatened with destruction.

We cannot and we will not bury our heads in the sand, and hope that the Ayatollahs act responsibly.

For most of the nations in the world, if you are wrong about Iran’s intentions, it will be an unfortunate mistake. For Israel, it will be the most fatal one. Let me be clear. I don’t call on you to act today in defense of Israel. We have always defended ourselves when threatened. But history has taught us that when a dangerous regime goes unchecked in threatening one state, no country – no country – can be sure that they are not next in line.

Ladies and gentleman, the time for talk is over. I call on the Security Council to take action. Iran must be held accountable and concrete punitive steps be taken. Iran has proven time and again that the only way it obeys to the demands of the international community is if they are left with no choice.

The international community has to insist on a full investigation and to implement clear and decisive punitive steps that will send a clear message. This is the only way to stop Iran from future nuclear missile tests.

Thank you."