Following a request by Knesset (Parliament) members and Israeli citizens, Environmental Protection Minister Avi Gabbay has signed an amendment to Prevention of Noise Regulations, which will allow for longer celebrations on the Jewish holidays of Lag Ba’Omer and Mimouna.

​The Prevention of Noise Regulations place limits on noise levels in residential areas, between the hours of 14:00-16:00, and 23:00-7:00 the next morning. The Regulations are valid every day of the year, other than special holidays, such as Israeli Independence Day, Jerusalem Day, and the Jewish holiday of Purim. The amendment signed by Minister Gabbay will add the holidays of Lag Ba’Omer and Mimouna to that list of exceptions.

On Lag Ba’Omer eve, which is celebrated a few weeks after Passover, it is customary to light bonfires that often last well into the night. Mimouna is a traditional North African Jewish celebration held the night after Passover ends.

Minister Gabbay: "It is important to prevent noise nuisances for citizens, but it is also important that we know how to allow people to be happy and enjoy. I believe we have become too extreme when it comes to keeping noise down. A normal person cannot celebrate a birthday at home without the police being called [by a neighbor]. I am looking for a new way to balance the issue."