The four suspects that also tried to extort money from decrease in order not to put the video documenting the mashimaium (v) indictment and detention until the end of the proceedings against the four suspects who were arrested on suspicion of indecent acts and acts of sodomy with a minor 17 year-old resident of Rahat.

The investigation was opened following reports received about three weeks ago the police social services of the city of Rahat on uploaded video social network which acts are decent hard sodomy committed 17 year-old resident of the City boy.

The investigation revealed that during the month of September came to the place of residence of the minor four guys in their 20s who are residents of Rahat and at gunpoint forced him to accompany them. They took him to an isolated area where abuse and furnish sodomized sodomy. Then put it in the trunk of the car and when they came to the residence took him and beat him again. Another revealed that they blackmailed him and asked him to pay them money don’t get the clip and he paid them on two occasions.

Today, after establishing the raitit, be served against suspects indicted and detained until the end of the proceedings by the District Attorney’s Office.

Translated from Hebrew