A selection of 39 illegal aliens were arrested in Central and South in the last 24 hours. Israel Police continues in police detention-mmokdtchohot (iv) providing an 11 police laws in
Brak and Ramat Gan.  10 staying illegally were arrested at different locations in Bnei Brak and Ramat Gan and in another found illegal.
In Bnei Brak. The owner was detained for questioning on suspicion of employing staying illegally.

Tel Aviv and Herzliya in recent times 17 residents staying in Israel illegally.  During an operation to locate staying illegally
In Israel that took place during the night and spotted several suspicious officers which triggered suspicion
When they go in. A leaf that are residents of the occupied territories without permission to stay
In Israel and they were transferred to an investigation which in the end were arrested.

In another action in the morning police officers.
One of the construction sites. The test found 12 residents staying in Israel illegally
While engaged in the execution of various works on site and they were being detained for questioning.
After ascertaining the circumstances and
The evidence which should be taken in a criminal proceeding against the site managers

Also in the South arrested 11 illegal stay during the day.
The activity in the area. One arrested after introducing his suspicion
Officer while driving his car and testing revealed that this is staying illegally, you never
Issued license. Moments before the vehicle was stolen from its owner.

Yesterday arrested six illegal staying during
Search in the park adjacent to the passenger terminal is currently under construction, they were taken to extend the detention
And their detention was extended. Actions to find the contractor that employed them.
Today in the town of Rahat activity found
Construction site 4 were staying illegally. One of them was holding an Israeli identity card in his possession chametz
That it is a false identification.
All four were arrested and taken for questioning at police.
And tomorrow will be brought to extend their detention.

Parallel enforcement activity performed at
Trough, the policeman ordered the driver raised his suspicion to pull over and check that this is staying invisible
The rules never issued a driver’s license and vehicle driving stolen shortly before, he
He was arrested and taken for questioning by the police.

Israel Police will continue to act against the illegal and that this phenomenon (driving, credible and employers) any tools at its disposal.

Translated from Hebrew