The operation took place in the city where thousands of Rahat liters of diesel fuel and other equipment used by the piracy. Eight suspects detained for national hkirhiachida and Israel Police Southern District Attorney (civil),
In cooperation with other law enforcement bodies, today (Monday) a combined law enforcement operation against stops
Fuel city Rahat piracy which were built illegally on State land without permits and business
Of imminent danger to the island and residents of nearby neighborhoods.

During the operation, five gas stations, seized approximately 9000 piracy
Gallons of diesel fuel, which contained fuel pump, pumps and many accumulate. Eight suspects.
Detained for further questioning on suspicion of committing crimes of recklessness and negligence, violations of law
And construction business management without a valid business license and more. Also, broken electrical connections, piracy
Posed serious safety hazards.

All the stations have been tested by fire and rescue authority, due smichotan
For residential areas and electrical connections, unlicensed, and explosive materials in feed stations,
That may be life-threatening and were fined for soil pollution

During the operation conducted searches and seized documents and displayed accordingly.
Areas of responsibility and authority in law and Director of the Department of energy fuel,
Israel land – soil retention Division, overseeing the building of the Treasury – Provincia
The South, the Ministry of environmental protection and green police, fire and rescue authority and power company.

The operation today joins the Gospel and activities that led to the police
And the State Attorney’s Office as part of the integrated law enforcement in cooperation with various bodies against the phenomenon
The danger of unauthorized occupation and controlled. Activities of piracy in stations
A residential area, taken safety measures are a real hazard and enforcement
Determination and adopted to prevent this dangerous activity will continue.

Translated from Hebrew