Segev Shalom in tested cars used to transport students to school. Safety deficiencies were found in 28 rovisoteri tool
Israel Police in cooperation with the Ministry of transport conducted this morning (Monday) settlement activity Segev Shalom during shuttle buses and tested which are used to transport
Students to schools and health information vehicles.

The activities examined 20 buses, of which two were banned altogether for use due to defects. In addition
Have been disabled for 30 days four vehicles and they were dragged away. Issued 28 reports for e normal.
And safety deficiencies, of which eight buses and two minibuses. Another detected during
The second activity drivers never get a driver’s license.

During the activity, designed together with the Ministry of transport, given the emphasis on cars used
Student transportation in light of the danger to which students are exposed as they travel on a bus that has deficiencies
Safe. The enforcement side carried out propaganda activities to raise awareness of the importance to be saved
Safety and integrity of the vehicles.

Translated from Hebrew