According to the five suspected lalo to money pockets by tender for rehabilitation roniachida National Park Sharon of Israel has delayed this morning (Monday) questioning five suspects, after undercover investigation conducted between
In Israel-Sharon Park, on suspicion of bribery, deception thing in the circumstances.
And offences against the law saves money totaling millions of dollars.

According to a senior public official suspected in the Park.
Ariel Sharon and another public official responsible for the supervision of the Ministry of environmental protection, with three
Contractors, lalo to money pockets by tender to renovate the Park, buried it organizations
Construction waste illegally, rather than rehabilitation.

It’s a bid totaling millions of dollars,
Applicant to rehabilitate and maintain the Park by building support around mountain battery with
Building materials, but buried him shredded construction waste sorting process, shredding and landfill as needed
Under the law, and contrary to the requirements of the tender. The investigation moved today to the stage after collecting
Materials and evidence required and expected arrests and summons more detainees.

Translated from Hebrew