Head of the Israel Innovation Authority and Chief Scientist at the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry Avi Hasson: "The process of selecting the incubator licensees was complex and necessitated a lot of deliberation. Exceptional proposals in different technology sectors were tendered and there were some outstanding groups. The committee’s choice reflects a deep analysis of the quality and makeup of the teams presenting the proposals, relevant markets, the needs of different technology sectors and the broad effect on the Israeli economy. With our stringent demands following the reforms we undertook, the competitive process and the exceptional teams selected will bring enormous added value to companies accepted to these incubators."

This week, the fifth round of competition was concluded in the technological incubators program in which licensees were selected to establish and run the incubators. The fifth round is the last planned for the coming years and completes the selection of 18 technological incubators and one biotechnological incubator. The licensees selected are as follows: