The undercover agent, followed by ימ”ר, worked in three months and the residents of dromsochn hplltam undercover play during three months in fourth neighborhood in Beersheba and hplltam and to detain persons suspected of drug trafficking, the residents of Beer-Sheva and Bedouin diaspora.

Residents Charter Center in Be’er Sheva inquire and report the trafficking events
In their environment. At the same time, representatives of the authorities indicated that there is a decline in trade and fewer people come to the Centre because of convenience and activities of drug dealers
Instead. Consequently, it was decided in the central unit of undercover Israel on exerting.

In the past three months, the Fed has made purchases of drugs at all and nice guy and cannabis in particular. This is the 11th agent run by police in the Negev area over the past two years.
The material collected during the session that some of the suspects used to make deals.
In the center of Beersheba and scroll a threat and nuisance to residents and the region.

The article on the arrest of the suspects and stop the trade, conduct joint operations
Added by the police, local authority and other organizations in order to increase the sense of security in the area.

Southern District Commander, praised the action of the policemen made a significant move.
To improve the life of residents of declaration by eliminating dozens of criminals who attacked their fabric of life
Residents of the neighborhood. He noted that he commends ימ״ר wipe on
The current crack and managed to run a considerable amount of agents in
Working in a variety of criminal offenses treatment.
The investigation will continue until the evidential basis against those involved.

Translated from Hebrew