About 500 officers and fighters from Jersey met at the assertion as part of international women’s day events, featuring Inspector and his advisor nshimatamol Affairs gathered about 500 officers and warriors to empowerment day, during
International women’s day events. It is a convergence that has made in recent years to Israel Police tradition, when the Chief Advisor for Foreign Affairs Unit (יוהל”ן), inserting
The contingent included police officers to Israel itself.

The Conference held at the National Police College home
Sun. During the day the female soldiers and warriors to a tale of five women breaking into that article before
The female officers composing their own unique home and community to a big break.

The ladies who participated this year at the Conference include Professor Anan
Falah, the first doctor of the Druze women that is also licensed aircraft; Rachel eibnboim in Mea Shearim in Jerusalem, founder and member of the Board of Directors ‘ involvement to promote Orthodox woman and enterprise director Meir
The Interior; Ofra Abramovich, Jewish ה’מאמאנט League (National League chdorsht mothers) and the combination pizza sports, community involvement and intensity
Feminine; Sivan yaari’s initiative, African villages to the electricity network to promote population
Women with an emphasis on using technology; Ialoma levy, former ceo upher
The business world chose to perform a u-turn and career to open a restaurant in Tel Aviv.

Women’s Affairs Chief Advisor, תנ”צ
Yael Eidelman, referred to the upheaval that Israel Police in the past two years since the unit was established
The squadron she stated that an emphasis on organizational learning process to locate barriers that prevent
Service and promotion of women in targeted sectors. In addition, work teams and training teams opened
Of officers in counter and beginning an organization intending to conservative and advance in this sector.

Dennis תנ”צ carrying things and said done ploughing
Enterprise performed person-to-person encounters Squadron unit with controls across the Organization, while providing
For stage positions and the opposition, with the understanding that the captains role and critical.
The chances of success of gender equality. In the field of sexual harassment the emphasis on prevention, advocacy
And treatment and comprehensive instruction that combines simulation games in all counties and police departments.

“In addition, the complainants treatment system was constructed, in the broadest sense of the word, including psychological guidance, involvement in front of commanders, addressing day-to-day assistance
In the complainants and all stages of the handling of thlontan. In addition, these days are determined criteria for supporting
Counsel for the complainants.

Dennis תנ”צ noted positively the
The fruitful cooperation between the police and outside this area.
“Come a long way and most of the effort in the near future
Should be spent on working on the minds of men and women. Promoting equality and opportunities
He charged the real process is a chance.
Our role within the organization is to make organizational adjustments
The appropriate action, and to take in the coming period of active operations and initiated to promote women,
Utilizing the existing potential and new potential starting from the moment of recruitment and jobs.

The police Chief, Ronnie relations 212, shows that the irotan of
The COP and the Israel Police women. He noted that he is thrilled every time anhaishot and motivation, with an emphasis on activity in Jerusalem. “An organization designed to serve the citizen.
Can’t give a population without service all types of population represented him, “said Police Commissioner” as essential to be
The police of all the religions, testimony that police that 50.6 percent of those it serves are women, will have a low representation of women in its ranks.

“Operating to make sure whoever chooses to serve in the police obtained
An equal opportunity. It is our job to enable Hebrew women between roles, according to the live in.
They are located.
It is our job to enable them to function as mothers and as command post
Alternate traditions, according to taste, they can plan your personal and professional career in shape
Balanced. “

The Commissioner referred to women’s rtiatan to get
Leadership roles because of the duration of the course and said that the police examines the issue in order to facilitate women
To reach the positions he mentioned רש”ט ‘s death.
Adina Cohen, which is a role model to women and women who sacrificed her life to prevent civilian casualties.

Relations 212 referred to the issue of harassment
C. Noting that on these issues is not enough to talk, “confirmed a month ago and half checked
, Which is an integral part of adjustment and employment among others.
It is important to see him not only a tool for exposing criminals.
And prevent advancement of officers not worthy, but also situational prevention tool against the policemen. A COP.
Every hitter knows that he can expect to be tested when he wants to move forward, or when a time for testing, keep
The behavior norms expected of him.
Thanks to the success of the tests we decided that it’s time
Inform the organization about the end of an era of anonymous letters. These letters that pop up at times just before promotion.
Organizational culture are very bad don’t respect the Organization has a COP of reportable offence.
A significant portion of these letters dealing with harassment
Sexuality and when things not based on truth, they cause cumulative damage women themselves “.

The Police Commissioner
Added, stressing: “the organization surveys continue to ask directly about what was happening in the field feel.
And the only real climate, keep refine systemic therapy and to improve the noamot
Organization for everyone. “

Translated from Hebrew