Haifa Car Garages Can Bid to be Placed on List of Shops Authorized to Install Particulate Filters
The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) is investing NIS 11 million to fund the installation of particulate filters in some 700 polluting diesel vehicles. The initiative is part of the Haifa Bay Action Plan to Reduce Pollution and Environmental Risks. The goal: to significantly reduce vehicular emissions in the Haifa Bay area by 2020.

​A tender has been published for the selection of car repair shops to be included on a list of sites that will be authorized by the MoEP to install diesel particulate filters. Car garages in the Haifa area are are invited to submit proposals to be included on the list.

Owners of trucks and buses that want to have the cost of the installation covered by the ministry will have to get it done at an authorized shop, which will receive compensation from the MoEP. Garages have until May 4, 2016 to submit proposals.

Other initiatives being funded by the MoEP and other government agencies as part of the Haifa Bay Action Plan:

  1. A low-emission zone is being created in the Haifa area, which is restricted to diesel vehicles that have not installed particulate filters.
  2. Subsidies are being provided for the purchase of natural gas-fueled buses.


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Details of the tender for the selection of authorized garages for the installation of diesel particulate filters (Hebrew only).