Police working to ensure the safety and well-being of the fans and viewers. Before the traffic arrangements will take place when Jerusalem mshachkamshtert completed preparedness for a football game to be held on Monday at the Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem between Heathrow to Maccabi Haifa.
Hundreds of police deployed and 300 pages on game day from noon in and outside stadium
To maintain order and public security, and traffic.

The police carried out a meticulous security checks at the entrance to the stadium to ensure the safety and well-being
Of all the fans and viewers. We recommend two fans reached earlier parking lots, and there
Safe entrance to the stadium before the beginning of the game.

Due to the expected crowds arrive for the game and for the safety of the public, assisted by fans.
Ushers, public meeting would not allow flights of stairs at the stadium. Maintain the staircases stairs
Available for quick passage of a rescue and security forces during emergencies.
The police carried out careful enforcement the law prohibiting violence in sport in order to ensure the right
Public and to maintain public safety and confidence during the event and to facilitate a sports event

Traffic and parking arrangements
From 6 pm to close to traffic the following streets:
• Benvenisti, David Ayalon, a sports association, modai.
• It is recommended to use for axis (route 50) towards Gilo.
• Not allowed entry to the vehicle and katamon (except residents).

Airport Shuttle and parking system
Beitar Jerusalem fans be Authority transfer array (shuttles) from 6 pm until midnight of the following garages: garage mount Herzl and correspondent Samuel byte/Givat Mordechai.

Maccabi Haifa:
* Maccabi Haifa fans escorted buses pitched in the parking lot next to the V.I. P.
* Maccabi Haifa fans who arrive in private vehicles iochoono Zoo parking lot and be there.
To check value (value) from 6 pm until Andy Street.
* Recommended for Maccabi Haifa fans to reach the parking garage via route 1, exit at interchange Harel-Derech hashalom Harel-route-395-vineyard vineyard junction-Ora Ora road junction
-New kolitz parking Zoo.

The fleets that will return the parking lots with fans of the game where
Went the fans coming to the stadium.

No private vehicles are allowed on the touch to the Teddy Stadium and arena complex. 
 For the best stadium in Israel and by public transportation. 
 Maccabi Haifa players and fan buses will be escorted by police to the Teddy Stadium. 
 Police and city inspectors will be stationed at the entrance to the neighborhood and to prevent illegal parking old katamon
The police put officers and undercover to maintain order and security, to work with determination and zero
Tolerance against all who are fans who try to defy the order.
We encourage residents
And the fans to be patient and to follow the instructions of police officers

Translated from Hebrew