Police and bystanders were wounded in the attacks that occurred in Jaffa, Jerusalem and Petah Tikva. Commissioner: “our goal is to bring the procedure as quick (Tuesday) stabbing occurred. Next: 15 hour received a report of a man who stabbed passersby in the area. The bomber occurred because Jaffa port to watch while he stabbed four passersby. During the escape, it’s important to Herbert Samuel Street, Tel Aviv, other passers-by and stabbed them. Officers observed the event score of terrorist, shot and disarmed him. A total of 12 people were injured in the attack. One of the wounded died of his injuries.

The Police Commissioner, Ronnie relations 212, reached the scene of the attack, saying: “the attacks are over and no more terrorists. Our goal is to bring the procedure as soon as possible. “

Earlier happened a shooting attack in Jerusalem. A terrorist opened fire towards police in Saladin Street. A policeman was injured critically. Police force and Jedi warriors chased the bomber by shooting at them and injured another officer. The force responded with gunfire and neutralize the terrorist. Perceived type weapon arena Carl Gustav.

Previously close to 30 was stabbed in the upper part of a man who had entered the shop on Ron Hirsch in Petah Tikva. The stabbed bomber managed to escape along with the store owner chased until they disarmed him with her knife was carried out the attack. The injured in the attack was evacuated to the hospital when he was seriously wounded. Investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Translated from Hebrew