Tel Aviv resident suspected of committing several scams that their sum is estimated at more than $ 100,000. He imported to extend azermullch the past few months, police have received a number
Complaints about the scam business currency conversion (Change)
Similar characteristics. According to the suspect, a resident of Tel Aviv, about 40 was purchase
Trust of business owners by making several large amounts of transactions with business owners.

After several successful trades the unsub determines
With the victims out of business and replaced them for dollars. These transactions was the suspect put $ 100 bills at the beginning and end of each package
Banknotes and banknote was guess of $ 1 only.

The amount of fraud is estimated at more than $ 100,000.
So far four cases known to the police in these characteristics. We encourage business owners who bitten
In a similar way to lodge a complaint at the police station. The suspect imported today (Thursday) for further discussion.
On remand in the magistrate’s Court in Tel Aviv.

Translated from Hebrew