Air quality monitoring station in Beit Gefen in Haifa Photo: Tzvi Roger

MoEP Increasing Air Quality Monitoring and Enforcement in Haifa Bay
Air quality monitoring station in Beit Gefen in Haifa
Photo: Tzvi Roger
The Ministry of Environmental Protection has placed two new air monitoring stations in the Haifa area in early March: An industrial emissions monitor was put in the Elroi neighborhood of Kiryat Tivon and a vehicular emissions monitor was put in Beit Gefen. In addition, Green Police inspectors increased their enforcement activities against polluting vehicles. The upgraded monitoring and enforcement is taking place within the framework of the Haifa Bay Action Plan to Reduce Pollution and Environmental Risks.

​The station in Kiryat Tivon, near Petroleum & Energy Infrastructures Ltd’s container farm, monitors industrial air pollutants such as benzene, NOXs, particulate matter, and more. The station that was placed in Beit Gefen monitors pollutants typically emitted from vehicles, including NOXs, benzene, and others.

Green Police have also intensified enforcement actions against drivers of polluting vehicles. Over the past week, Green Police officers stopped 200 drivers to conduct roadside emissions spot checks. 21 vehicles failed and were taken off the road due to excessive vehicular emissions; another 21 drivers received tickets and ordered to repair the defect.

One of the objectives of the Haifa Bay pollution plan, which was approved in Sept. 2015, is to significantly reduce industrial and vehicular emissions by 2020.

Director of the ministry’s Haifa District office, Shlomo Katz: The increased activities are meant to provide a focused and efficient solution to the sources of pollution in the area. Placement of the air quality monitoring stations – one in an area with heavy traffic and the second in an area where there are concerns about deviations in industrial emissions – are designed to ensure that those living in these areas are not at increased risk from pollution. We will continue to work to significantly reduce air pollution in Haifa Bay, to maintain public health, and to improve residents’ quality of life.