Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, today, went to the IDF Etzion Brigade HQ, to the Kfir Brigade Charuv Battalion, to distribute Purim food packages. They shook hands with soldiers, many of whom took ‘selfies’ with the Prime Minister and his wife. The Kfir commander, Col. Guy Hazut, noted that the Prime Minister’s late brother Yoni had commanded the Charuv Battalion Reconnaissance Unit.

Prime Minister Netanyahu told the soldiers: “A happy holiday to you all. My wife and I have come here on behalf of the entire Jewish People, to bring you holiday gifts but really to thank you and express the appreciation and gratitude of the entire Jewish People. Every day you defend the citizens of Israel – and, in effect, the entire State of Israel – here in Gush Etzion. You do this, as you did this morning, with great resourcefulness, courage and dedication. I follow what you do and receive ongoing reports about your operations, and I am impressed by your spirit and your strength. We are engaged in a long struggle and you are, in effect, those who stand at the forefront. I think that it is always fitting to express to you our appreciation but it is especially fitting today, on Purim. This reminds us of a time when someone thought to destroy Israel off the face of the earth. They were wrong then and they are wrong today, and this is thanks to you, the soldiers of the IDF, and to the spirit of the Jewish People. There is no better place to express this Purim spirit than here. I would like to thank you and commend you for everything that you are doing for the security of Israel. Happy Purim. Whoever wants to hurt us should know that we will hurt them.”

Sara Netanyahu said: “Happy holiday. I am very moved to be here with you soldiers and fighters. I might be here as the Prime Minister’s wife but I am also the mother of a soldier in a combat unit, and I wanted to tell you all that I understand what your mothers are going through. And I stand with the mothers. And I am here with you and I feel that you are all the sons and daughters of all of us and this is how I think that we – certainly the Prime Minister and I – regard you. Keep defending us because we know that you are doing so in the best way. You have full backing because we see you as the children of all of us. Good luck and look after yourselves and remember that mother is waiting for you at home. Happy holiday.”