Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has appointed David Keyes to the position of Foreign Media Advisor to the Prime Minister, replacing Mark Regev, who has been appointed Ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom.

The two will begin their positions very soon.
Keyes thanked the Prime Minister for the trust he placed in him and said that it is a great privilege to serve the State of Israel given the many challenges it faces.
Keyes, 32 years old, has a BA in Middle East Studies from UCLA and an MA in Diplomacy from Tel Aviv University. He served in the IDF Foreign Liaison Unit of the Planning Division. In his previous position, he was the executive director and founder of a human rights organization in New York. Keyes was born in Los Angeles and immigrated to Israel with his family at the age of 23, at which time he began his military service in the IDF.
Keyes speaks English, Hebrew and Arabic.