During the workshop, the Institute continues to promote the deaf learned the cops on dialogue with the person to hirshbyozma Institute for the advancement of the deaf and the Israel Police, was held today (Monday) at
Police in Ramat Gan and first workshop. During learned police and cops
General dialogue with the deaf person and number concepts and question related to police work and meetings
Possible with the hearing impaired population.

The course moved the deafness Institute, who teach at the school of sign language.
At the Institute.
The initiative was born out of the understanding that once the police complex scenes.
And clicks that they first encountered non-citizen hearing aid and quickly
And efficiency as possible.

In addition, the deaf person is prevented from being able to sit and talk in private.
With the police due to the need for sign language interpreter.
The Institute for the advancement of the deaf workers to availing these services for the benefit of the deaf population to all stakeholders
The public, including of course the police and rescue officials.

This is Martin’s first collaboration, which will help
The cops and those who do not hear one and all with the understanding that this is a tool that strengthens
The sense of equality and may contribute to saving lives in an emergency.

Yael BAIS manages the Institute for the advancement of the deaf emphasized: “this is another important step in availing
Israel emergency services to deaf and hard of hearing, we will continue to work vigorously for accessibility
Deserve in all spheres of life “.

Translated from Hebrew