A business was recently uncovered in Jaffa, which was selling counterfeit anabolic steroid pills, being used in the main for development of the physique.

As part of the search conducted by the Enforcement and Control Division in conjunction with the Police Yiftach District, a large quantity of ampoules were seized that contained anabolic steroids for injection, syringes, as well as very many counterfeit steroid pills.

Anabolic steroids are medicinal substances that simulate the action of testosterone in the body, meaning that it causes an increase in the muscular mass and the development of male gender characteristics. The unsupervised use of anabolic steroids is likely to cause devastative, and sometimes irreversible, damage to health. In Israel, their sale without a doctor’s prescription is prohibited and there is a prohibition on importation without a Ministry of Health permit.   The Ministry of Health repeats its warning that the use of these substances  is liable to harm the health of the public, and lead to persons being hospitalized in the Hospitals, and to death in certain cases.