Chief of police Ronnie relations 212 and רש”ט citrus’s father murdered in the late priest wrote the letters in the book that migrates across the artzaium (2) the letters of the Torah in memory of 1448
Israel Police and victims. After writing the first letter by the Chief Rabbi of Israel
Rabbi David LAU, wrote the Torah Husam רש”ט citrus Cohen’s father, who was killed.
In the attack in Damascus Gate last month, along with the police Chief, Ronnie relations 212.

In the coming months the issue number from various police districts and all
One written in letters and to commemorate the lost souls secretly when the service
Israel. “Like the letters, so the human element of Israel consists of the mosaic
Of which from which the society in Israel. Every officer and Warrior has his unique contribution to making
Our mission, “said the Commissioner.” all together in fellowship across sectors and religions serve
With love and devotion, the country and its citizens. “

In year end writing the Torah and is inserted into the House.
A special event where police will take part representatives of the bereaved families.

Translated from Hebrew