For a publication that after Israel Police’s investigative activities and arrested the suspect in the attack that occurred on task 6.2.16
A joint investigative Israel Police and Shin Bet security service has led to the arrest of a suspected
The attack in Rahat in Saturday, Palestinian 6.2.16 17 year-old resident of Yatta, Hebron stabbed woman
The grouping since coming to the market and fled the scene.

After the attack came.
The scene forces.
Large police sweeps that began in their suspect and establishing roadblocks in the area furnish. During
Other scans the suspect’s escape route and collected artifacts used forensic tools for locating the suspect.
And arrest at home expressed a few days later.

The case.
Revealed that the suspect was staying illegally working in odd jobs in a family not known furnish
His actions. During interrogation the suspect about himself attributed to him and led the explorers to a windshield.
Him for the stabbing. Soon be served indictment against him.

Translated from Hebrew