On Friday held a marathon at main streets in Tel Aviv. The roads are blocked in 30 to end the mrotzbium Friday, February 26, 2016 will host an event
Tel Aviv Marathon, where thousands are expected to take part. The event will take place from 6:30 until
13. during the incident shut down streets in the race, including the streets and axis
To him, from 10:00 to 14:00.

This year will be held at schools and kindergartens
Therefore, there may be difficulties in reaching the most educational institutions due to blocked roads. Blocked streets
Highlighted in the navigation app WAZE
So use software to plan your trip in the city. It is recommended to refrain from
The streets near the route.

For an answer regarding the possible roads
To contact by phone to Israel police information number 110, the Tel Aviv Marathon
And 106 municipal Center.

List of blocked streets following the Marathon:
Northern region: junct, yonitzamen,
2040, Levi Eshkol, Shai Agnon.
Eastern region: you won’t be able to test drive a vehicle under
/Convert to the West in the following streets: Ephraim, pharmacist, Kaplan, book,
Manage, train and place.
Western area: you won’t be able to test drive a vehicle for
Beach axis, Herbert Samuel, and Kaufmann.
Southern region: permitted vehicles drive South
To the North the following streets: Jerusalem from a kibbutz galuyot, elifelet, Kaufman, independence
Eilat Street, Jaffa Road, Herzl Street, Allenby Street from Menachem Begin.
Namir, Menachem Begin — will be closed to traffic from
From 06:30 to 10 a.m. between junct King Shaul Boulevard in both directions.
Highway 20 (Ayalon Highway) – will remain open throughout
The move to North and South. Don’t allow entry and exit at interchanges which are currently being as follows:
Blocked to traffic North and South between the hours of 10:00 to 14:00.
-Convention Center blocked traffic heading north from 10:00 to 14:00.
-Halacha blocked
For movement to the South between 06:30 and 10:00.
Hashalom interchange.
Blocked to traffic North and South from 6 to 12.
Guidelines for Marathon participants and the audience is expected to reach
The yarqon event:
We recommend that you arrive at the event in Israel railways
– College Station
Not allowed firearms to the synagogue.
Not allowed the bikes/bicycles to electric and race track.
The audience that comes to the event are asked to use the parking
The following:

Hayarkon St. Bnei Brak industrial zone,
Ramat Gan Stadium six-day Street, industrial area (near Rami Levi) next to the colonies,
Garage Kiryat Shaul military + civilian Moshe Sneh Street/Efraim, parking on the street.
Iron, Raoul Wallenberg, the athletic Stadium parking lots in Hadar Yosef, Sinai Street umbrella
In Tel Aviv, the drive-in on pharmacist Tel Aviv (closes at 5:30 am), parking in the street.
George wise in a: smolarz/Cypress/property/social sciences, Arlosoroff
Down the street at a crossroads.

The race route

Rokach Blvd. West exit at their Internet, parking
Bridge apothecary, right, Solomon ibn Gabirol-triple to Agnon, Levi Eshkol, left to right, this
L. -2040, special u-turn on 2040 next, until growers and this right
Tel Baruch Beach, continue along the promenade, Tel Aviv port, left to right, sailors Yarkon
Herbert Samuel Kaufman, right, in Nahum Goldmann right clock the second gate.
The harbour along the waterfront to the Boardwalk and back the same route through the Second aliyah to Nahum Goldmann,
To Kaufmann, Joseph Halevi swerve right, Allenby hayarkon Street, Rothschild Boulevard, left
Right mmarmork, Carlebach, left to manage, left to Menachem Begin, left to Kaplan, pharmacy,
Left onto תרס”ט, left to right, right to Allenby, Rothschild Boulevard,
Left to right, Yarkon to Dizengoff, left Ben Gurion Boulevard, left into King, Israel
Frishman, to left to Solomon ibn Gabirol, before the intersection with Avenue pharmacist enter right to build
And, after returning to a miniature golf course road and running on to the pharmacist for their Internet point
The finish.

Translated from Hebrew