Following the termination of Maccabi Healthcare’ engagement with Reuth Hospital, Maccabi members will no longer be able to receive services in Reuth as of March 11, 2016

Maccabi Healthcare notified the Ministry of Health on December 12, 2015 that it terminates its engagement with Reuth hospital, and that members requiring institutional arrangements in an institution designated for prolonged hospitalization can no longer receive service in Reuth as of March 11, 2016. The Ministry of Health alerted the HMO that as it had not presented sufficient alternatives to Reuth’s services, the termination of its engagement with the hospital means that it doesn’t meet the legal requirements to provide a reasonable availability of services to its members. The Ministry of Health urges Maccabi members who were adversely affected in light of the termination of Maccabi Healthcare Services’ engagement with Reuth Hospital, or relatives of such members, to contact the Public Complaints Commission under the National Health Insurance Law.