His relations with the city’s chronic Bedouin 212 stressed that police aims to work closely with the heads of khilampch relations, Ronnie alshich, today (Tuesday) in the city of Rahat. “The police have a challenge to integrate into the community and to act for and in partnership with the community. The police aims to work closely with religious and educational authority, local authority, “said the Police Commissioner.

“The police don’t need law enforcement partners to produce a better society with far less crime need real partners. Together decrease crime. Criminals will always have to deal with process and strengthen compliance with the law. Each cell surface should understand the local population and enhance the norm, “he added.

“I seek that furnish citizen call 911 100 and complain about loud party. Strengthening law enforcement means more friction with the population force required the cooperation of sheikhs, educators and the local authority. Have courage, we enter this challenge together and believe you. It would require courage on your part to collect and understand if we too question and handle breakdowns.

Referring to the challenge of terrorism Chief said: “friction of the Bedouin population and Palestinians hurt, first and foremost. This creates a situation where people fear recognition could reach market in Rahat that they recognize terrorism with this mixture. The threat of illegal staying is a security and economic threat. If we want to differentiate the people of Israel from terrorists have to do it with you “.

“Terrorism is criminal-day relationship between the crime of terrorism. This connection to the Bedouin society and distinguishes it from Israeli society and it is a situation that should not happen. The differentiation of the terrorists is a shared interest. The only way people not afraid to reach market in Rahat and good living the Bedouin society.

Rahat Mayor, Talal alkrnaovi, turned in to the Police Commissioner and requested police presence
Increased. The Mayor surveyed the problems entailed in the sector both in terms of weaponry without a license, using
Drug abuse by youngsters, and more. Therefore, to increase policing
And add sector officers in General and furnish and police “pretreatment in sensitivity and resolution.
The Bedouin culture, sensitivity to light and strength on sheikhs, but decisively to keep.
On the rule of law. “

Southern District Commander, major General David, said: “one of the first things I tried to insert a primary role in the Arab sector
In Southern District. Policing in a multicultural society is one of the most important issues on. The issue
I want the main handle it to produce list of COP understand community needs. “

Want more officers among the Bedouin community, we have 37 police and Bedouins I want to triple the
It. Also volunteers to help saving lives happily accepted.
We want brave and true partnership. Yet studies of youth-combined
Community projects and will reserve to raise after studies. Turn in Pavilion
For Talal alkrnaovi: ״אני request that I be Lam פאדי׳, go hand in hand with you as partners
And do it together for the community.

Translated from Hebrew