During the campaign police units conduct a focused activity and in the operational intelligence, and my investigation. Have enclosed for you the holfmshtert Israel week dust Manager determined, professional, consistent
And uncompromising against serious and organized crime in Israel, in cooperation with all law enforcement agencies
While extracting all the enforcement tools at its disposal. During the campaign police units perform a task
Extensive and focused on the intelligence and investigative operations, issue and holding illegal weapons.

The campaign has yielded dozens of indictments and arrests Tom
Proceedings against the factors identified with serious and organized criminal activity, dozens of them were tried and imprisoned.
Dozens of events prevented and substantial scale weapons seized.

We reset the weapons seizures a week.
Passing (from 8.8-20.2.16), collected from all provinces and 433 blade unit:

A total of 18 were seizures of weapons:
3 Beach District 5, District 6 in North District, Jerusalem District 1 and 3 in SJ of the weapons seized include four grenades.
(Captured in North County), 5 Chargers (1 Beach District 1 North County and 3 in district), 4.
Guns (1 beach, District 1, District 1 in North County and 1 in SJ) and 12 guns.
(1 Beach District 2, District 6 in North County and 3 in SJ).

It avoided the countless events that could
To endanger public safety, and safety. Israel Police will continue the phenomenon and uncompromising work to exhaust
The full extent of the law.

Translated from Hebrew