As part of the learning process and the lessons carried out investigations on various issues surrounding the handling of the attack, including a week chasing the bomber and his accomplices, until nterolo by the fighters below. mminchlk process and lessons learned, by order of the Commissioner, a series of investigations on various issues around the treatment of dizengof in Tel Aviv Street bombings, on 01.01.2016. The investigation included the week chasing the bomber and his accomplices, until nterolo by who on the 08.01.2016.

The findings of the investigation and the lessons touched wide aspects and tactical aspects on a variety of topics. Below are displayed to the public the relevant issues concerning the various interfaces with the public, with an emphasis on issues of communication and were referred to the police if, so that lavnatno reaches the clear reference in these subjects after ending investigations and conclusions approved by the Commissioner kachiham.

On 01.01.2016, 38, has 100 Tel Aviv District on fire in the street. Police forces were dispatched to the scene, including special units. The killer took the decision, bread Israeli chazrach slave in the familiar scene, fled after a few seconds of shooting. A few dozen yards from the site, that is, the population was assimilated and attempted to leave the area as an innocent citizen. ?

As a result of the shooting at the lane killed Shimon Alon z roaimi z and nine others have been wounded and (2-hard, medium, 7 4 victims of anxiety). After the cab driver, Al, kirnavi ta, suspected bomber shot him to death, dumped his body near the Mandarin Hotel, with mass Namir, where he abandoned her and riding in buses back to Wadi Ara.

In the area of residence, trying to use gradually return number detained by Israel Police on investigations, planning another attack The detention operation, done gradually by police disrupted his plans, and caused him to be on the run. Eventually, he was forced to take refuge in an abandoned apartment, who came on Friday the 08.01.2016 – and his escape attempt, while firing at the troops, was shot and killed.

Translated from Hebrew