Thousands participated in the marathon, including children of border patrol efforts. About 2,000 police officers and ushers secured eiroach warriors, 2,000 police and secure the event pages throughout the track and maintain order. About 600 police officers participated in the assign of Marathon and completed it successfully.

Among the participants at the event were also the children of על”ה, Association of children with special needs, heart station officers efforts. At the end of training conducted during the last year wanted police and children in a special Marathon allocator as the harness positions. The second year participating in Marathon kids.

The Chief of police, relations between Rooney and 212 Jerusalem District Commander, major general Yoram halevy, patrol police alignments and praised the police officers and warriors about their activities. Operational activity is the product of a professional activity, “said the Chief of the province. “The officers and fighters were deployed from early morning, with determination and professionalism and have thousands of participants to experience sports celebration safe.

Translated from Hebrew