To mark international women’s day we want to introduce you to three officers, serving in various roles and Elena gnzdilov ישראלרס”ל police (24) serves Israel Police Unit combatant” Yoav “of the province. She joined the unit after regular service in and like all the fighters, is also adept at handling terrorist incidents and riots.

During her time with Elena not faced attacks. A year ago, was injured in an overridden during operational activity in Jerusalem, but insisted to return to service after a month. Current terror wave is taken with members of a terrorist armed with a weapon.

“The fighters unit is equal to that given to the fighters, we are doing exactly the same service”, says Elena. “The service here has made me realize how strong I am. I feel that trust me and I’m glad to be part of the unit and to meet challenges, is an integral part of my life. “

Translated from Hebrew