Thousands of policemen, border fighters and volunteers deployed in crowded areas and protect Israel and security sdermshtert the preparedness for Purim holiday starting Wednesday through Friday, and depending on the threat level to operational level. Within the framework of the preparation of large police forces deployed in crowded areas and along the seam line, providing operational security aspects, public order and traffic.

Meanwhile, thousands of police officers, border guard fighters and volunteers to fan out along the axes and where there will be parades and parties, along with rigorous checks of cars at roadblocks, in enforcement against illegal stay, driving, credible and their employers.

Traffic Division will increase enforcement presence throughout holidays, are handling traffic arrangements and traffic flow on the main axis and focus enforcement against drunk driving and traffic offences defined as bullying.

In addition, work undercover and visible near recreation areas, to prevent violence and the sale of intoxicating liquor to minors.

During the preparations for the Operations Directorate, increased enforcement against dangerous toys, marketing to prevent harm to children and teenagers. So far conducted dozens of deals across the country and seized thousands of items, which were confiscated and destroyed in a controlled manner by the police bomb squad, alongside the administrative and criminal proceedings against these traders.

The police call parents to discover more involvement and awareness about dangerous toys, including children’s briefing about the inherent danger, due to the lack of repair, and safety.

Israel Police call for vigilant not to hesitate to contact Police any abnormal event, object or person.

Translated from Hebrew