Foiled smuggling hundreds of calls to redirect six suspects have been arrested on suspicion of managing and operating the network abrachotchoach
Integrated task in Ant foiled yesterday (Tuesday) smuggling hundreds and mobile phones revealed
Suspicion of systematic and structured network for smuggling phones abroad and being on the market, which on
Suspected over the recent period. The forces arrested six suspects for questioning on suspicion that ran and
Together the network.

The activity
Was once seized a shipment of mobile phones when you arrive at a router suspected smuggled and under
The guise of a different kind of merchandise imports in an attempt to outsmart the authorities to avoid paying import taxes.
As part of these activities were carried out searches at suspects ‘ homes, businesses and warehouses were suspected by the
The suspects. The activity captured hundreds of phones, including the thwarted shipment, the suspected smuggled. Like
Yes, troops seized property and bank accounts for the purpose of forfeiture request.

The activity
The undercover investigation was started thanks to the integrated task force in the national squad run
Israel Police and operated by all the parties, in cooperation with police investigations unit
Customs and VAT, customs, Ben Gurion International Airport Jerusalem diamond tax authority and the assistance available to the prohibition on money laundering
Capital and funding terrorism. The investigation follows from its inception by the Legal Department of the tax authority.

The suspects
Attributed to smuggling offenses in aggravating circumstances, for aggravated counterfeiting, expenditure and offset
Invoices, Fistful of money laundering law and a variety of tax offenses. According to the development
The investigation which has been imported to request to extend their detention.

Highway patrol
Israel tax authority and enforcement bodies continue to work vigorously for the preservation of the rule of law.
And the public, inter alia by focusing enforcement efforts integrated and ants.

Translated from Hebrew