For the Purim parade will close the streets along the parade route and surrounding areas on Thursday, between 11:30 am to 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, the adloyada will parade 24.3.16
24th. The procession will be held from 11:00. The procession will secure hundreds of officers.
And security personnel.

For the closing parade along streets
The parade route. The procession out of the agricultural settlement hopes Israel to the staging area in the street.
Serlin, serlin Sokolov-way Presidents-Weizman to Holon municipality. After the parade in the displays will delight mdiitec.
With quaint street entrance serlin, street open to traffic street serlin

Changes in traffic and parking arrangements:

St. hope Israel will close from 7 a.m. from Schenker East until 1240 Prof.
-Jerusalem will be closed from 7 a.m. Professor Schorr to the West until 1240 Hankin.
Sokolov Street will be closed to all traffic from iovenio 7 to the end of the procession.
Weizmann St. will be closed from 8:30 am until the end of the procession.
Jabotinsky Street will remain open to vehicular exit north to hope Israel left St.
Exit to the West.

Public security purposes please contact
The cars parked on the street below, because otherwise, they will be towed by the municipality. Garage
Drag cars will be on the football team the Warriors Street tzafririm Holon:
Krause, serlin Street intersection to the intersection Sokolov
Jerusalem Blvd. area closed and blocked vehicles parking between 11:00 to 14:00. Information about the location
A car trailer can be obtained at the municipal supervision Department: 03-5086100 or the Cancel municipal

Parking lots which
You can park your car in the city of Holon and reach a foot procession:
A parking lot Mall tzafririm Holon plot, space dust on Degania, may day Stadium parking lot.

Commuters and drivers are asked to state the blocked streets and traffic arrangements throughout the time of the procession.

Translated from Hebrew