The Jerusalem police preparedness for International Marathon which will take place in Jerusalem on Friday, the krovmshtert Jerusalem the preparedness for
International Marathon which will take place in Jerusalem on Friday, 18.3.16,
1:30 pm-6:45 am in Marathon expected to attend approximately 25,000 runners.

More than 1000 officers and officers and 800 pages
Led by Jerusalem District Commander, held to secure public order, security of participants and spectators,
Saving and security directing traffic before, during and after the marathon, while reducing the impact on routine
City life, as much as possible.

The public is asked for as little as possible on private vehicles and public transport.   Will update constantly using different media about closing and opening ways of movement. We encourage local residents to come in to be patient because of expected traffic disruptions during the day and to be the cops on the ground.

Traffic arrangements:

Ben-Zvi will be closed to traffic from Thursday, 11:30 pm 17.3.16 to Friday after the event.

-Race day, Friday, will be closed to vehicles starting at 5:45 am the following streets: ruppin Boulevard campus, Hebrew University, Nathaniel to Rabin, Packager, Haim Hazaz, tchernichovsky, Palmach, President of Keren Hayesod, King George St., Jaffa, Kikar Zahal, Haim Bar Lev Avenue paratroopers, George Adam Smith, Khan, Martin Buber, Benjamin Mazar, Churchill gave St., Jaffa Gate, the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem Zion gate, peace, Jerusalem, King David, Jabotinsky, Chopin, dubnov, Graz, through Emek Refaim, Bethlehem, Hebron, David Remez, yanovsky, Pierre Koenig St. Lazarus, decide, Kobashi katamon, Joshua realizes, Sacher.

Haim Bar Lev road, from Haim Bar Lev demon ‘ cluster until Israel tribes closed to traffic in both directions.

-Road through Hebron, intelligent node to the node which Weiner, is closed to traffic in both directions.

The hinge will open depending on the progress. Expected also disrupting the traffic related to the race.   Note: no vehicles will be allowed in addition to the courses. The police information center 110 available to the public for information.

The race will take place on several different tracks:

-Half marathon run: increase in the avenues, 45
By the time Ben Ruffin.
-Marathon: starting at 7 a.m., transmit
Ruppin to Sacher.
-Racing handcycle: at 7:30 a.m., starting from
Ruppin to Sacher.
-Amami (5 km): starting at
8, ruppin Boulevard-Givat RAM to Sderot.
-Race communities (approximately 800 m): starting at
8:45 am, ruppin Boulevard through the Administration and return of ruppin Boulevard.
-Race 10 km: increase in three beats:
9:30 am, 9:45 am and 10:00, ruppin Boulevard until Ben Zvi.
-Racing families (1.7 km): starting at
Ruppin Boulevard, until 10:30.

Parking arrangements and transfer value (value):

-Vehicles parked along the tracks running routes
Not be allowed to leave until the end of the event and opening roads.
-The forbidden street parking on both sides, from Judaea
17.3.16 Thursday from 20.00 until the marathon.
The public is asked not to park their private vehicles
In those areas.
Vehicles parked in forbidden areas which must be towed. parking.

For the benefit of members and the marathon stand several parking lots
Free of charge:

Binyanei hauma, soldier, nation, Safra, cosell, Centre Israel Museum, Teddy, Mt. Herzl, parking garage.

Airport Shuttle is the value (value), Teddy, garage
Fast Herzl and Ahad lots per Israel Museum.

Main streets that remain open to traffic:

North: Uzi Narkiss, route 9,
Golda Meir, cluster.
Central: City, Boulevard begin Blvd.
South/North, Bar Ilan University, Jeremiah.
South: Dov Yosef, Golomb, eye axis

Traffic arrangements for residents of the Jewish quarter and the Mount of olives:

Jewish quarter, the Jewish quarter car park through
Shelter, the dung gate, tunnel, through Jericho, Wadi Joz, French Hill.
Mount of olives-Jericho, Wadi גו’ז, Hill.

Translated from Hebrew