On Friday, Purim party in the country. From 09:30 to 18:00 will be closed to traffic Friday in azorviom, the 25.3.16, from 11:30 am
Until 6 p.m., there will be a street party in the country. during the event, from
9:30 am to 6 pm will be closed to traffic the following streets:

Iyar Street (Kikar hamedinah) Weizmann St.
– Until colère arlozorov Street in both directions, Wilno – Namir to Ibn Gabirol in the other.
Directions, Ibn Gabirol Street – book up to two chinovens Namir, Lipsky – Notepad
To Kikar hamedinah, lion Street Akiba – until colère Kikar hamedinah, Helsinki – arlozorov Street
To Jabotinsky Street, Moshe Sharet – hint – Street, Arlosoroff until State square
Tashach – arlozorov Street to the square State. If necessary it is blocking Namir between
The book the King in both directions.

Event day parking was forbidden in the country.
– On the street Thursday, starting from 6 a.m. Parked vehicles will be towed.
Please avoid coming by car to the streets.
Of blockages. Attending multiple events and occurrences during the Purim holiday, there may be difficulties on arrival with
Private vehicle to the halls are located on the streets will be blocked to traffic.

The event allowed weapons synagogue, with
(Except guide dogs), bicycles and electric bicycles, cans, glass bottles or any object
Because that could endanger public safety.

The public to kindly vehicles event
Use the following garages: garage parking, Tower City Center hanionn Weizman, Golda, garage
Museum Tower, parking garage, Government, violinist, azrieli Arlosoroff
And Ben scan.

For more information please contact the focus 110 a
Israel Police and the municipal Center of Tel Aviv-106.

Translated from Hebrew