Cleared for release: Security forces arrested twin sisters, Diana and Nadia Hweila (1997), from the Tulkarem area, plotting lethal terror attacks against Israelis.

Pipe bombs and materials intended for the building of homemade explosives were found hidden in the assailants’ home. Additionally, Hamas paraphernalia and materials used during violent riots were found.

Twin sisters arrested for plotting lethal terror attacks

Diana and Nadia Hweila

During the investigation, Diana confessed to buying chemical materials and watching online instructional videos in order to manufacture explosive devices. Diana intended on using the explosives to carry out terror attacks. Her sister, Nadia, was responsible for concealing the weapons in their home.

Furthermore, it was revealed that Diana was exposed to and driven by online incitement and radical Islamic content. This content promoted and encouraged Palestinian women to take an active role in terrorism against Israelis.

Indictments for manufacture of explosives and trade in military supplies were submitted against both assailants