The suspects deported from Peru at the end of a national unit that operated in 2012 which was caught red-handed smimaium transaction (v) complete extradition procedure of two
Israelis suspected of committing crimes, import and export trade in drugs, Peru to Israel.

Israel national police unit ran in
2012 case on background exposure that some Israelis conspired and deals to import a few pounds.
Of a type of cocaine sold in Israel and abroad. Global activism led police
To prevent one of the transactions and to חם״ ״על of ק״ג of 1.2.

Thanks to a professional investigation of the national unit.
Of the police and judicial proceedings that ran North, District Attorney convicted for involvement in the affair
Four residents of Israel and were sentenced to long prison terms. When managing the incident and investigation is visible
Two of the suspects were convicted in Peru sentences for similar offenses committed there.

Once the port for investigation, began operations
Adopted Israel Police officials including police representatives abroad and international Department
At the State Prosecutor’s Office, in cooperation with foreign law enforcement authorities. In establishing the evidence against
The suspects and the Declaration of the intention to submit Attorney indicted, extradition request was submitted to the authorities.
Peru by international Department in the State Attorney’s Office and approved by them.

This morning landed in Israel after suspects who were on their way
Peru, accompanied by police and taken to Israel for interrogation for crimes
Them. The suspects will be brought to discussion on request to extend their detention.

Completing the extradition procedure is another example
To fight determined and uncompromising who runs Israel Police in cooperation with law enforcement authorities
In Israel, a struggle that is not bounded by time and space boundaries. To all involved in criminal activity to know
Israel Police that invests all resources at its disposal in order to locate and bring him to justice.

Translated from Hebrew