A resident of antava village, was detained for questioning on suspicion of breaking down and trade stolen trucks and national police went gnovimiachida tonight (Wednesday)
A slew of antava village and arrested trucks for questioning a suspect, resident on suspicion for trucks
Breakdown and raunchy road and trafficking stolen parts.

On the initiative of a single exposure.
National police, raising suspicion that a resident of the village of Anabta Director of stolen vehicle Chop Shop specializing
Breakdown trucks stolen from Israel and flourishing trade or sale of spare parts of trucks that were dismantled.

Tonight the value
National squad officers searched the slaughterhouse, which seized both suspicions were dismantled according to cabins number
The trucks were stolen, two motors and a suspected stolen, documents and mobile phones. Like
Well documented and concrete mixer truck suspected stolen.

Slaughterhouse owner, resident of the village, son.
43, was arrested and will be brought in accordance with the development of an investigation of a request to extend his detention in court.
Ofer military.

The exposure and investigation activities, join the Gospel
Exposures, arrests and indictments and adopted by the police in cooperation with law enforcement bodies
Against other vehicles stolen and effect haollia and the accompanying grave crime and continuing
Determination in its fight.

Translated from Hebrew