365 warriors and warriors completed their basic training. The ceremony was dedicated to the memory of the late רש”ט murdered in citrus Cohen at chmaium gate attack (v) true boot’s graduation from John Nov 2015 cycle in Tel Memorial Park. The ceremony opens
In a moment of silence in memory of citrus רש”ט Cohen, who was murdered in a murderous attack in Damascus Gate before
Two months ago. Ricky Moore סמ”ש, was wounded in the same attack, also rehabilitated and returned to the basic
After being selected.

“In the second.
I opened my eyes in the hospital it was clear to me that I did not raise my hands and give up my dream. ”
Rife said. “I had one goal in front: back to finish boot camp,
Flatten and become a Jedi Warrior today got the Warrior mask and got the goal. If not for the bravery
And courage of citrus might not have got to stand here today. I feel joy, but the joy is tinged with
Sadly. Glad that I am standing here in the basic training graduation, but citrus is not here beside me. I have
She was finishing the Basic with honours “.

Border patrol, kobby Saturn, said at the ceremony: “we are here today. Proud.
But even as the resevoir going missing. Between ranks is missing one warrior hero fought.
Bravely and body has blocked terrorists and saved many lives. Our citrus became an icon of heroism, you lost
Her life and prevented a larger attack body which was made to charge us the price. Hadar
Cohen was to teach us what is mission, self-sacrifice and Valor for her participation itachncho story
Generations. Here on the orders of two other fighters who fought boldly goes.
And with his bare hands in those damn terrorists. Ricky Moore, who was injured in the same medium
And she continues to fight and win every day. Rife back and struggled to finish.
The Warrior training. All of us here salute you. “

Of rife, gem, said: “the late compiler running valiantly and body protection for my daughter.
All the women were in the same murderous attack both heroines and acted as you might expect. I’m proud of rife
And wish her to be successful down the road as a fighter in the border.

As noted,
Three in February near the PM team of border warriors, composed of Chief accompanied
The three warriors, Cohen, and saturation ambiela Lucena province who were in the process of
Training, noticed the two youngsters at the Damascus Gate that triggered suspicion.

The team approached the suspects in order
To see them, when their knives and stab and saturation control. Ricky began to fight.
With bare hands against one of the terrorists who stabbed her when the couple pulled automatic weapons.
The Commander along with citrus Cohen performed and defused after the two terrorists. Another bomber emerge
Back made another hit in shooting z.  Power
Another police was instead performed by gunfire and neutralized the terrorist. Investigating the ring that
The terrorists carried their bodies several pipe bombs and planned to perform instead a much larger attack, attack
Ultimately prevented its goal and professional response of the fighters.

Citrus critically injured, along with the saturation was injured in a moderate to hard. The two were rushed to the House.
Hadassah Mount Scopus of resuscitation attempts were made in the Hadar but after efforts were made to determine
Her death.

Translated from Hebrew