An investigation revealed that the suspects targeted infrastructure facilities tried to execute kidnappers of a woman who had money to one of amachokeri
And Israel Police detectives revealed a few weeks ago a woman’s kidnap attempt
In the 1920s.

Charges filed in Israel Police about attacks on infrastructure facilities of cellular companies, theft of transformers
Adjacent to antennas, extracting definitions and torching, covert investigation of her shows that there is
Suspect in his 30s, diaspora resident demanded his maintaining these facilities. When no shbcshtho
Fulfilled, he began to threaten the guards and told them they “shouldn’t be kept in place.

Covert investigation raises the suspicion that it intends the same suspect kidnap a girl he stole from him.
73000. For the kidnapping is aided by a young neighbor who asked her to drive him to
Out of town during the kidnap attempt will be made in joint attack the vehicle driving. After
The show went on and nigacho the suspects crash in rail safety, draw your suspects.
The woman out of the car and they were arrested by the police force.

After questioning the Prosecutor’s statement was made against the three and their detention was extended until Thursday. The investigation.
Continuing to establish the evidence and charges against them.

Translated from Hebrew