15 things you didn’t know about the school of combat fitness

אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Chief Registrar record School of combat fitness? Who called examines Breuer and how he even started? Whereas sections (surprise) exist at school?

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מחבר: סמדר קרמפף, מז“י

1. before the establishment of the IDF, was to combat fitness sector an important part in protecting the country. The training camps of the Palmach and Haganah fighters carried out the exercise training, overcoming obstacles and some accredited guides.

2. on 18 June 1948, the Chief of the objectives defined for physical training and industry stated that the body shall be subject to the guidance of the Joint Chiefs, the more entrenched in popular camp branch, since at that time the Adjutant.

3. at the end of the 1950s, it was decided to move the base to the WinGate in order
To strengthen the bond between the Military Academy. The school was founded by the late Menachem-Oz, its commander, and give him a new name: the 8.

4. during the war of attrition was stationed in front of the challenge: finding a solution that allows
Although the physical training of the combatants are located. Amos bar-Hama, head of branch network, initiated the establishment of mobile fitness systems, created a command were averted and the warriors to a task until the early 1990s.

5. testing the famous “natural disaster” was another. Initiated him Colonel (Ret.) NIR bud, combat fitness רמ”ח. The inspiration for the building received Colonel Nitzan
מ”רפול (Ret. Lt. General Rafael Eitan z), a frequent visitor at the base and says:” see
Some have cliff, the sea, wet ditch them over the cliff and try to pass obstacles.

6. testing the light bar, held for the first time following a study conducted in 1970, which States that “the soldiers ‘ endurance is poor in all age groups compared
Most countries in the world measured in these things. ” Following the results,
The Expert Committee to create a unified fitness test all soldiers eventually he inserted
To the IDF in 1974 and has many updates and changes over the years.

7. in case you were wondering, the quiz is named after Dr. Oded Bar-or, an expert on the physiology, Director of the Research Department at Wingate led to Dan for expert fitness test.

8. in addition, towards the end of the 1970s he founded the nitsan Colonel NIR gun in it.
Which made out of personal initiative and without approval, and many domain evolved after shooting effort.

9. one procured that existed previously is a טג”ח (climbing, surfing, extracts), established in 1976, the school was moved to witness the unveiling in 2006.

10. currently, about 15,000 visitors a year pass through training courses, quizzes, training courses, and in a huge range of sports.

11. over the years, additional sections have been added to it, and now there are pellets, developing training, target practice, and symposia series, Krav Maga and completion.

12. among the major events taking place in which you can find eligibility test to combat units, made the Championship and Championship to military commanders.

13. Besides physical training, organized in various lectures provide to commanders
Soldiers and tools for a healthy lifestyle. You can find her content on nutrition issues, adopt, how to integrate fitness in a busy agenda, etc.

14. following the daily routine of a typical sport and base commanders, soldiers, most of them adopted a dress code that includes primarily clothing d or “b”. (With permission of course).

15. where is Lt. Col. Gil Adam, Jan צה”לי who won eight times on the first place the IDF officers Championship tennis.

Translated from Hebrew