15 years Yehuda ל’נצח “success” and expected “

לוחם “נתח יהודה”. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Special Conference noted 15 years to combat battalion. Defense Minister in Warriors: “coming after you, and you did do many more.”

תאריך: 21/01/2014, 20:30    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן ודנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

נצח יהודה

Dinner to mark 15 years of activity the Haredi battalion “netzah Yehuda battalion” held today, Mount Scopus in the presence of Defense Minister, Lieutenant General (Ret.) Moshe Ya’alon (bogey), the Chief Military Rabbi, Brig. Gen. Rafi Peretz, Israeli Chief reserve officer, Brig. Gen. Hosea Friedman, Chief Education Officer, Brigadier General Avner, Cliff-bound controls on the central command and other officials. Over the years the regiment served for more than 6, 000 soldiers. This year, he won the Chief prize honors and training units in the Golan Heights.

“For me this is a moment of elation as I picked up my first year 89 soldiers to the ultra-Orthodox, pioneers rest as we called it then in operation administrators, we are confident in its success. Today we are 15 years later, when the last shbshna we saw over 800 recruits course netzah Yehuda battalion, “said the Defense Minister. Runway netzah Yehuda battalion think back on track.
More important that young Haredim to serve in combat and as coming
And did you do many more.

The Defense Minister stressed that “the successful than expected, the gains seen in the past year and in previous years in operational activities and in fighting terrorism outright.
Many citizens of the State of Israel knows that time out terrorism or Tulkarm is the result of resolute operational activity “.

Referring to the importance of operational battalion, said the battalion commander, Lt. Col. Telem Cantor, that “we are fighting Palestinian terror endless insist to get attacks onto the rear
Israel and Palestinians in the sector. We were able to provide protection and to provide security for the residents.
I know that one should not rest on our laurels and many areas still need to be improved and that he doesn’t specialize, go. “

“Educational process” from nahshoni

“A fighter Regiment, no accident he received the Commander in Chief,” said the Chief Military Rabbi, Brig. Gen. Rafi Peretz. “The command and the Warriors are. Happens here good educational process nahshoni unparalleled Haredi group that carries the burden of security Israel effectively and successfully, with some educational partnership bitkumat Israel State. Every year tens of percentage points of additional Haredim and serve different roles
In the army. The IDF currently offers various possibilities and needs in various places of youth combatants and backside.

According to the battalion commander, the secret to the success of the Regiment is the fighting spirit of the warriors.
“Soldiers don’t have finished anything in their lives come to a battalion and the first feel appreciated,” IDF Col. site line Cantor. “It’s a religious Regiment, who is Jewish and Torah given that Shell in addition to professional abilities – this soldier is us fighting. Today we know that fighters should actually protect with Israel. “

Also, according to battalion chief each year adds the historical milestones in its development. “The first course have mortars, a מ”כים and more course cadets from the Division. In which there is growing 1 battalion and other regiments in the brigade commanders have grown in – it shows a successful combination, “he said.
“The plan for the future is to continue to be operational and terrorists. Also, to increase the population that the army battalion that is mission of my life, “he added.

Translated from Hebrew