The youth participated in activities held by police officials during half a year. “We will continue to accompany you and to stand alongside the project graduation is tonight (Tuesday) at Headquarters. The ceremony was held in the presence of the Chief of police, relations between Rooney alshich, border guard commander Maj.
Kobby Saturn, the Jerusalem District command and Jerusalem as well as representatives of the Council.
The Mateh Yehuda Regional Council. The 16 boys and girls participated in Regional Council aged 13-15.

The program takes place
For the third year in a row, began six months ago with the רס”ב station about
Dawn, supervised by Commander of the station, and with the assistance of Council. The program was attended by a group of 16 boys and girls aged 13 to 15 who had come to the task with the police.
Mateh Yehuda station who met with officers from the precinct, and acknowledged the work of police and Community contribution,
And heard from the police about the price and the police handling them.

In the previous two successfully completed project 23 boys and girls, of whom 14 enlisted, Army combat units, and the rest.
In civil service promotions. During the activity
That lasted about six months, the positive ה’צד boys ‘ of law enforcement using tasks
Active, experiential and educational tours and sports games values, values and leadership workshops
And more. Formed during the program, youth learned about tolerance and patience and acceptance.
Toward the end of
The program contact the parents of teenagers to really, רס”ב about dawn, accompanying the project,
And India on his appointment and the time devoted to children during the program and even beyond these hours.
The parents reported that their children changed change visible in an extraordinary manner, and that it makes them happy.

Relations between Rooney, 212, said at the ceremony that “the police have a responsibility, not just for law enforcement but also reinforce preservation law.
Of the civilians. The responsibility is on your shoulders, but we
Continue to walk and stand by your side. “

Jeep Commander
Watch תנ”צ Jerusalem Peled, greet the elders and said:” despite the difficulties and challenges that stand before you, and you never gave up, and we salute you. You have a role model. “

Translated from Hebrew