30 military terms not met

Who is called opposition? Who is a killer? What is 1 cutlet? -For the IDF website, recruits gathered for recruits all military slang terms you should familiarize

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מחבר: טלי נטפוב ושיר אגרנט, אתר צה”ל

גיוסי נובמבר 2014

Per unit esprit de corps, and accordingly also the unique words used. For the recruitment, collected the IDF site for fresh recruits 30 words you should recognize.

1. Boogie – tank wheel, on which sits the larva.

2. plevra (palabra) – Nelson laughs at the Navy language.

3. artichoke – night vision system in some tanks.

4. negative Zanetti – “not” impossible to move, like a bsent stuck in the ground.

5. measuring dibom – + boom, when instead of measuring the gunner presses the tank.

6. gprora – a Caracal battalion, so call the warfare context.

30 military terms not met

Gprora. Photo Archive: the IDF spokesperson

7. טפ”ש – weekly treatment tank.

8. meet on water – see you as telling Navy fighters.

9. גלצ”ח – distortion of the acronym גלח”צ (shoe-) common to rionerim’s mouth.

10. flat – describes a person who does not get along with high sea cruise: “he just flat-he even in port.

11 living expenses – improved, enabling military operations and equipment suitability to Warrior.

12. killer – undercover fighter with high sea cruise control at sea rather than throwing up ever.

13. opposition – new pilots in the Squadron, is mainly for those who do not belong to the squadron’s command.

14. – night of drinking/Navy deployment. Named after the ships which corners are called tax “for breakfast!”

15. a. cutlet – nickname schnitzel served with bases Sunday, when soldiers arrive on every Sunday.

16. liquidation – final cleaning of the boat.

18. sewing – navigation, a word that describes a condition in which exceed the wrong Hill and down and climb another Hill with all the equipment.

18. Chief Officer or a charge of the ship – the machine.

19.15-short for 15 minutes and exit positions. When the ship is disconnected from and out of the port: “when notified a quarter?”

30 military terms not met

When informants a quarter? ” Photo: IDF

20. poodle – hoter by grease tank cannon.

21. wake up – in mleil (Hashekama). The most important part of the wake-up call in the morning boat (per crew! Wake up, wake up. Arise, because new morning eyes across the water “).

22. a nice – a soldier with no experience.

23. tzprgol-unique name has won the shrionerim mask.

24. briefing and debriefing before and after every flight, the pilots then investigative briefs.

30 military terms not met

“Made a briefing and debriefing. Photo: IDF

25.-the failure flag ship in the Navy.

26. six flag – the Navy end action or conversation.

Top 27 clubs – the engine control.

28. Jack – moving the turret of a tank, objects and weapons.

29. חזל”ש-back to normal. This expression is used to describe an event canceled or postponed. For example: “חוזל”ש exercise, is held next week.

30. Alpha-originally used as precise definition of harm, but also used the word to describe significant successes in life.

Translated from Hebrew