40 years of wandering in the desert: what we do


His soldiers were required to get out of Egypt and through a grueling journey of 40
Years in the desert, they use sophisticated navigation systems, desert vehicles and hot meals in the field.

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מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

When Israel came out of Egypt, they took with them water, purchase and Matzo. 40.
Years of wandering in the desert have moved them with minimal equipment, and quail from the sky and from the Earth. How the IDF disempowered technologies today could do
The long journey. The Army currently has diverse capabilities to survival conditions, including navigation, providing food and water.


9900 Intelligence Wing Unit specializes in analysis of maps and aerial photographs. They routinely analyze and map it for operational needs, to the soldiers in the field knew what to do, where to go and where they need to be careful.

40 years of wandering in the desert: what we do

These data, along with others, are entered from the field into the system a fleet control and supervision of the IDF Chief’s advanced allows soldiers to navigate more easily, while examining the various forces operating in the area.

In addition, all IDF officer passes during training process of navigation, based on natural conditions alone and not Waze.


How to navigate in the field? Sayeret Rimon desert, for example, uses “Wildcat” vehicles. Custom cars to drive around a dusty, Rocky and Sandy. The vehicle features a unique propulsion system so that it can function even in thermal environment
And is adapted to desert all around-wheels and springs to prevent and special systems.

The vehicle is adapted to the operational needs of the soldiers, for instance, when a security patrol on the border fence etc.


From the sky is still not here, but there are plenty of c-rations and include tuna, canned fruit, corn, chocolate spread and more. The packet comes in flexible packaging, custom is standing without refrigeration for 2 years-even if it is a “meat and potato goulash, chicken, rice and meatballs in tomato sauce and more.
The portions are calorie value that corresponds to the use of the physical effort required.

40 years of wandering in the desert: what we do

To warm up to the bag, add water, seal the bag and a few minutes to get her hot and tasty meat.


For water, the soldiers have a special unit-joint water unit. The unit consisted of reserve soldiers, all specialists in water engineering, which iokapzzo for employment once operational Egypt second out port. Special systems of the unit working on reverse osmosis, thus they can produce drinkable water from water sources that are not good drinking water, like streams, reservoirs, etc.


40 years of wandering in the desert: what we do

Part of the IDF fighters, operating in desert areas, use special uniforms that have optimal adjustment to the body, including housing around the knees and elbows.
The uniform of mixed fibers, synthetic fabrics are special strong and resistant to abrasion and tearing. Due to the hot weather of the desert, the uniforms are capable of high evaporation sweat and they maintain body temperature in the odd nights. In terms of footwear.
Anti bacterial socks that combine copper fibers which prevent health problems and
Bad even after a week of use.

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