47 years after the sinking of ins Eilat: the battle that changed naval combat doctrine

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Ins Eilat sank as a result of being hit by four missiles fired from Egyptian missile boats-among the rockets remembered as among the first in the West Sea. 47 were
Cruiser team fighters

תאריך: 21/10/2014, 11:50    
מחבר: ברית אלמוג, חיל הים

The annual ceremony to commemorate martyrs destroyer ins Eilat held on Sunday (19.10) in the military cemetery in Haifa, Navy commander major general RAM Rothberg.
This year 47, prints which sank as a result of being hit by missiles fired from rocket ships, Egyptian remembered as among the first sea missiles in the West. 47 fighters were the destroyer.

“Four missiles were delivered to the ship and her body and heart still beats and soul is still alive,” said Maj. Gen. at Rothberg. “I seek and undertake to study and learn the secret, the secret of the force values. For example, the companies, and giving and sacrifice. The decision-making process, and the ability to function in a blackout, confessions, in the cold and silence. On Brotherhood of warriors, Navy fighters, “he added.

Some define the battle as marine combat doctrine. The changes included the use of sea missiles instead of guns and brought to use ships better maneuverability capabilities. Important lessons learned about the command during the battle mission. “Every day we send Toby are built,” said Maj. Gen. Rothberg. “They are running against the same enemy in the same arenas and knowing one clear with Israel sent them amontino, naval commanders
The sea “.


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