50 percent increase in motivation to raise the Warrior role

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The next generation of marine fighters joined the Navy today, after a year.
The last recorded a rise in motivation following operation “full disclosure”: “on any fighter has three candidates in formation”

תאריך: 05/11/2014, 20:59    
מחבר: רתם קליגר, אתר צה”ל

גיוסי נובמבר 2014
חיל הים

During operation “full disclosure”:
The motivation to raise to the Warrior doubled from 2013 to 2014.
“Today every room of a fighter, has three candidates for consolidation,” revealed head locating and recruiting
In the Navy, Lieutenant Colonel guy Leiter. “The advanced technology that exists in the operational and combat strength comprising-pull and pose many challenges for him. Soloman undergoing the formation sign up today (Wednesday) and thus officially joined the ranks of the Navy.

In the coming years, the Navy is expected to expand the fleet, and as a result require greater amount of fighters. In an effort to expose more of the fighter role, the Navy is promoting a number of projects. “We set ourselves a goal to increase recruitment sources and force we aim to the periphery,” said Lieutenant Colonel Leiter.

He said that until recent years, most of the fighters came from the center of the country and major cities. “In the past three years led a trend of exposure in the periphery,” Lieutenant Colonel Leiter. “We have sent officers and warriors to schools in the South and North, to reveal
The Youth Corps. In addition, representatives of the Pavilion are team building committees.

Another population to which the force is facing new immigrants. The project began a year ago when the marine fighters stationed as part of the Internet that new immigrants from abroad and oak. The Warriors are controls on new immigrants in basic training, and encourage the suitable ones to participate in combat roles. “We’re already beginning to reap the rewards. In the past the team building came a number of new immigrants, those controls were sent to reinforce the basic preparation of educational Corps “, said Lieutenant Colonel Leiter. “It’s a good ethical level, as well as a good way to increase the troops.”

Despite the expansion, the white force no compromising the quality. Team building are in combat roles in which there is no obligation and therefore every step
There is right. “Unlike previous years, we are in a situation where you are for the job just who really wanted him and proved that they are appropriate,” said Lieutenant Colonel Leiter. “We are looking for people who want to contribute and be partners in defending the motherland. People who are willing to stay on
The platform shaking for hours, and sometimes in extreme situations and in difficult weather.
In addition, said Lieutenant Colonel Leiter because they’re looking for young people to technology holders, and emotionally prepared to face the challenges posed by the sea.

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