A blazing fire shatotachim

אש אש אש. צילומים: טופז לוק, אתר צה”ל

Large-scale glimpse: “sparks troop artillery corps came up North to an intense workout and experience not only for shooting but also in depth firing canisters directly for close

תאריך: 05/05/2013, 12:00    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

The sound of guns violated the silence of early morning in the Golan Heights. The Warriors already know zrzippim noise-who accompanied the battalion “reshef” brigades, they shoot. This, they explain, the regiment trained for war in the northern sector. For a week they shoot, firing Lily canisters directly they spend long hours in the baby or try to catch an hour of sleep in mud. However, last week took the wind out of the sails of the tired, the shsisma laughing stock “proud to be” standing firm.

The Meg-guchi battalion ready and prepared for the upcoming operational employment, Lebanon border. “The exercise comes to simulate fighting in the arena construction
When the North forced the warriors to make jump to a completely different scene, “said the battalion commander, Lt. Col. Zahi Goldring, the practice is to combat against terrorist organizations and a significant warming of the northern border, and we are preparing and training.” It training him, number includes support for manipulating powers, for depth, space, security threats and facing steep trajectory and firing anti-tank missiles. “exercise is actually training agreement of three and a half months, the individual soldier level to battalion level,
To teach and communicate to fighters and commanders alike what they deal in future war, in any
Otherwise-mental and physical. Alongside this, our goal is to raise competency and prepare to command, “he says.

A blazing fire shatotachim

Butterflies in the Chamber. The fighters a minute artillery exercise

The descriptions of the Meg about the events seem so
In the field. The mtniye of 1A b battery, “Boaz”, can be found among dry grasses coming up to Caterpillar, symbolizing the beginning of the summer, despite the rain.
The thin baby rattles the roof and Lands on top of the Commander. The baby warriors in full
Sense of the word: sleeping, eating, drinking and shooting, and it became home to many days. But it seems that it doesn’t bother them. Occasionally, between shell one after they practice and enjoy exchanging roles, everyone is competing for the coveted role and physical. Even the warrior from August 2010 approaching, now cutting the availability, and neither the young warrior, 2012, as excited as one before. The order in which they hit, or close to it, they do not see with the naked eye — 30 miles from where the baby was supposedly in shell the enemy, but the Warriors ב”הימורים” one time betting on the target, else on 20 meters.

A blazing fire shatotachim

Say no guns, no iPhones. The fighters in the field.

To see the object in the eye

After the night cost the Gunners
On top of the Torah to the level reached in the very early morning to record Act in firing canisters directly. “The cannon Act function as shatotach in fact, tank had a ballistic trajectory but like tank in direct and immediate purpose,” explains Commander designed “pillar of fire,” Colonel Mahdi Silberstein. In practice, it looks like the guns function as instruments in the Orchestra, conductor, the battalion commander, each in turn shoots
The shell. This time, can see the fighters do pan out on a mission and goals, 6 km from hatom himself. “Firing canisters directly brings to exercise, and we are working on it more. It is not our mission, but as a service requires, “adds Colonel Silberstein. “Today it’s pretty rare that we practice often don’t live shells due to safety restrictions, but here we have chosen to launch live fire at full power.

A blazing fire shatotachim

The mud won’t stop them either.

“Battery Commander Capt. elior Boaz Shoshan, introduces the purpose of the exercise by the battery. “Ultimately, one of the goals of this exercise is that the results of the second Lebanon war will not repeat. We learn a lot about the lack of training and the results, and we are training hard in many, “he clarifies. The battery is the number that showed up for practice after seven months of employment in operational, we arrived to “pillar” and took an active part in the operation in the terrorist shelling targets in the Gaza Strip. “In terms of service we are prepared and ready, confirm
In the sollati and spend itself. We had mental readiness in high way
As Greece eventually warriors and officers with no experience of the world war, “adds Captain Shushan. “You can practice shooting and skips between scenes, but the image of a member to the team.
Is impossible. However I believe that we, his pillar and current training raised the sense of mission with the Warriors, and I know that they will command
What to do, even in the most difficult situations. “

A blazing fire shatotachim

Self-propelled gun when shooting in the Golan

For them, the shooting came directly at the main artillery officer Brig. Gen. Roy Riftin, to test their ability in complicated baby. “The battalion” reshef and battalion were in force, that is a challenging exercise for many days and was surprisingly difficult weather that requires a lot of strength, a combination of layout operations, “says Brig. Gen. Riftin. קתמ”ר adds that” the soldiers and commanders
Standing an impressive manner the challenges they throw in an emergency situation and as it looks today, we can be optimistic. ” Brigadier General, constant Riftin because “we deal every day in preparation for the IDF, its day should get to know his mission. The chshirviot Regiment of preserving its operational procedure and practice, and now comes from and to the following operational employment.

Translated from Hebrew