Date: November 27, 2009, 12 people who for 30 years has become the eyes-vision thanks to you, thanks to the integration between the spirit of the human material research, we can ensure not only the well-being and security of the State of Israel, but also the future as a strong, successful, prosperous and, based on the best of human glory and neither more nor less. “
The Chief said today (Friday), a short time ago, in a ceremony marking 30 years to Talpiyot military academic excellence held at Tel Aviv University.
The ceremony.
The celebration was held in the presence of Chief of general staff, General Gabi Ashkenazi, Commander of the air force, Maj. Gen. ido nehushtan, head of PA (Administration for the development of weapons and technological infrastructure), Brigadier General (Res.) Shmuel Keren, Hebrew University President, Professor Menahem Ben-Sasson and program graduates through the ages.
Talpiyot program.
Prestigious program excellence academic military leadership training-security systems technology research, development and weapons of the IDF and the security system is led by the FA in partnership.
Until today have been trained under the program about 700 graduates as officers embedded in all martial systems, research and development of security measures.
These graduates are the front line defense-technology leadership in various arrays of system security.
In a ceremony today successfully completed the current cycle 31 trainees, including two women.

Translated from Hebrew