A coincidence on the battlefield: the medical officer medical evacuation.

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Deputy Commander of the operational medicine fed amazed to discover that assist in evacuating close friend גדס”ר Golani Commander, for treatment at the hospital.

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מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

צוק איתן

When he ordered a helicopter to evacuate the wounded, he knew it was for his good friend. When he made the hospital prepared to receive him and give him the fastest, he had no idea that he helped save a man lied to him.
Kfir, Deputy Commander of the medical command (סמר”פ) in the southern command, which directed the evacuation of Majid גדס”ר Golani, only after it has been out of danger in hospital.
“While you don’t think of event names and belong to units, you think of medical parameters. Personal information that not even comes to you. Any soldier, regardless of rank or unit, provided the best care, “says Lieutenant Colonel Aisha to the site.
“My work has a direct impact on the lives of the wounded,” he added.

A coincidence on the battlefield: the medical officer medical evacuation.

“Two days later already visited him at the hospital.
I didn’t even tell him that was involved, “says Lieutenant Colonel Aisha. “I just wanted to say that I
Love it and be strong, “he recalls. Geddes, Lt. Commander Roy, was an apprentice in the course and command device in LTC officers of IDF Kfir Colonel’s side. “Everyone in the Po know campers are one big family. He was a Member
. “, Says Lieutenant Colonel Roy.
The Commander of the Geddes shot in night standing total casualties in the Golani Brigade on 13. He was injured and the blast head injury from anti-tank shot
The House where he was staying. “When he started the incident, immediately pointed their radios to the frequency division. So we were able to gather some more specifics that can save lives, “explains Lieutenant Colonel Aisha. “I knew at the beginning of the event it is wounded. Just been informed that this end, Geddes, he restores the first few hours of treatment.

A coincidence on the battlefield: the medical officer medical evacuation.


Initially reached incorrect rumors that his best friend had fallen in battle. “I felt like the sky fall on me. Even now I have chills when I think about it, “says Mr Deputy southern command. After he learned that it was a mistake, he felt that he had to go to visit his friend. “I was glad to see him.
Happy and surrounded by his family, and his condition has improved, “he concludes.

The doctor who saved the life of battalion 12

Like Vice, even the doctors who accompanied the forces command are determined
To save the lives of wounded, and in many cases during the operation demonstrated professionalism and cool.
Unusual. “The doctor who was with the 12 battalion when he collapsed about a tunnel wall, clearly saved his life,” said חמ”ל ‘s medical officer in the southern command, major is in discussion with the site.

Battalion commander Lt. Col. 12, XI., was inside a tunnel when it exploded and wounded the tunnel wall arisothio. Regimental doctor came and stood in front of him when choice found Meg with gash in his neck. He could choose a simple procedure, not on the other hand, not sure which kind. Alternatively, he could perform a spring half, and perform a procedure called the tracheotomy. “In the movies it seems simple, but war is very complicated,” major stressed. “In this case the doctor got brave decision and made the Faiyum”.

Then it was decided to remove the Mag, fully mounted and from there by helicopter to the hospital. “Throughout evacuating the doctor holding the tube, as they might for the evacuation vehicle, until reaching the helicopter where she greatly neck”, she added. “The surgeon at the hospital called to thank him for having made the right decision, made the Faiyum so professional. She said he saved his life.

A coincidence on the battlefield: the medical officer medical evacuation.

Captain is asked to refine that doctors are with the forces and fight with them. “They don’t sit back and wait in hiding that they work.”
Explained. “For example, is one more case of our doctors in the Gaza Strip, with which he was struck by looking himself injured limbs and bled heavily, and a soldier next to him, repeats a story she heard from him. “The doctor was driving calmly and not only put a tourniquet on himself, but also the soldier next to him and made sure that he was doing it right,” she continued. “It’s not at all obvious to demonstrate that sense when injury, returned.

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